Our course consists of five of 10 weeks that present the most prominent fields of philosophy. History of Philosophy, Ethics, Epistemology, Aesthetics and Metaphysics. The only prerequisite for the first cycle is personal will expressed through writing by answering two questions: What is Philosophy? and Why do you want to study Philosophy?

General Philosophy

This course was designed for students who come from another subject and want to learn Philosophy at an amateur level. It was made to offer you a wide overview of the general history and ideas of five key fields / branches of the discipline: History of Philosophy, Ethics, Aesthetics, Epistemology, and Metaphysics.

In essence, it will teach people who choose to delve into one area of ​​Philosophy the kinds of basic things they are expected to know about the other areas;

as well as providing an appreciation of the interconnected and systematic nature of Philosophy as a whole.

There will be a ten week cycle dedicated to each of these five areas. Additionally, students will receive training and preparation in applied philosophy, philosophical writing, philosophical debate, and philosophical / practical writing, as well as philosophy in popular culture.

1. History of Philosophy


Week 0. Welcome to Mindshop

Week 1. Fear to the Unknown

Week 2. The First Philosopher

Week 3.Immutable Change

Week 4. Socrates, The Vagabond

Week 5. Socrates, The Gadfly of Athens

Week 6. Plato, The Aristocrat

Week 7. Plato, The Scholar

Week 8. Aristotle, A Man

Week 9. Aristotle, The Philosopher

Week 10. The Philosopher-King

2. Ethics


Week 0. Welcome to Ethics

Week 1.0. Introduction to Ethics – The Forest

Week 2.0. Epicurus and death – The End

Week 3.0. Tomás de Aquino – The Friar

Week 4.0. David Hume – The Passions

Week 5.0. Immanuel Kant – The Idealist

Week 6.0. Karl Marx – The Revolutionist

Week 7.0. Friedrich Nietzsche – The Death of God

Week 8.0. Ayn Rand – The Collective

Week 9.0. Simone de Boiveur – The Existentialist

Week 10.0. Derek Parfit – The Ethicist

Week 11.0. Peter Singer – The Liberation of Animals

* To take the 2. Ethics Cycle it is necessary to first take the 1. History of Philosophy Cycle.

3. Aesthetics

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4. Epistemology

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5. Metaphysics

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